Experiencing North Star

North Star Academy PhotoHave you ever experienced something so incredible, that you struggled to give it words? You tried to tell a friend – to describe the event and make it come back to life, but you just couldn’t do it justice? Many prospective parents who’ve attended our recent school tours, expressed this same feeling. “You just have to see it!” one recently shared.

Whether you’ve heard about “Morning Circle“, Brain Breakfast, or “Cold Calling,” seeing truly is believing. If your child will start school for the first time, or if you’re looking for a stronger educational option, the joy, focus and excitement in our schools is palpable. We have just one tour left – next Tuesday (Feb 3) at Vailsburg Elementary. Give yourself an opportunity to experience North Star before this year’s application window closes. Click here to reserve your spot, and remember to submit your application by February 6th. We look forward to seeing you there!



Teach Like A Champion

teach_like_a_champion_photoNorth Star Teachers train like athletes. We practice, reflect, analyze, drill, and do it again. Multiple times…and then we step in front of our scholars to teach. The book, Teach Like a Champion, written by Uncommon Schools’ Doug Lemov, highlights 49 techniques that all-star teachers use in the classroom to ensure student achievement. You could call it our “playbook.” Take a look. Let us know what techniques interest you most!