Star Levels!

At the Downtown Middle School students have the ability to earn “Star Levels” throughout the school year. Students earn a star level by consistently maintaining good behavior, showing leadership, and completing their homework. As students maintain this high standard throughout the year, they can be promoted to higher star levels! Each Star Level the student earns comes with additional incentives and responsibilities. As the students reach higher star levels, they are viewed as leaders in the school and become role models to their peers. Some rewards the students receive for gaining star levels includes ordering lunch from nearby eateries, transitioning between classes independently, and wearing professional clothing two times per week! Additionally each star level comes with a different color lanyard the students proudly wear each day, setting them apart as leaders in the community.

Fairmount Elementary Black History Month Performance

Every February, Fairmount celebrates Black History Month with an evening performance. This requires hours of preparation from our Performing Arts teachers.

Our scholars learn about historical black figures such as Madame C.J. Walker, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Newark’s very own Three Doctors – all while singing and dancing! We believe in well-rounded scholars who are not only brilliant in math and literacy, but can express themselves in any way they choose. Our performing arts program allows our scholars to learn how to express emotions, how to stand confidently in front of hundreds, and how to improvise and be creative. They’re not only adept at expressing themselves with pen and paper – but they’re able to release their thoughts and express their emotions in an artistic and productive manner.

For our evening performance last Wednesday – they shone brilliantly! Through song, they learned how to tell a story. Through the performance, they learned how to stand in front of a 300+ person audience. We know at North Star that preparing our scholars to be on stage is also preparing them for their future: to give a presentation in the boardroom, to speak at the podium in front of thousands, to be ready for an interview, and ultimately to be in front of any type of audience they choose.

We believe in choice – and we believe all families deserve to choose a high quality education!


At West Side Park Elementary School, 3rd and 4th grade scholars were given the challenge during Black History Month to express what they will bring to the table to change history.  Scholars submitted their promises which ranged from HOPE and LOVE to PEACE and GIRLPOWER with one 4th grade scholar proclaiming “I will bring to the table CHANGE.  I shall be the thermostat, not the thermometer.  The thermometer only tells the problem or the temperature while the thermostat changes and makes a difference!  I, TOO, AM AMERICA!”


Washington Park High School Engineering Department

In its only its second year of existence, the engineering department has taken our high school by storm, with well over half the student body enrolled in an engineering course.  Students currently have 3 choices of courses- a principles class devoted mainly to machines and robotics, a design class focusing on 3D CAD software, and a computer science class that emphasizes programming fundamentals through the Scratch and Python languages.  These courses are based on curricula written by Project Lead the Way, an organization dedicated to growing interest in engineering in America’s schools.  The department hopes to add more courses in the coming years to more closely match students’ individual interests.  At the heart of all of these courses is an emphasis on instruction through student-led, project-based learning activities.


North Star Scholars Celebrate Core Values!

North Star Scholars aren’t just academic rock stars, they are model citizens, too. Every year, our K-4 scholars have the opportunity to be inducted into one of five Core Vale clubs: Respect, Caring, Responsibility, Courage, & Justice. The price of admission to the clubs? Acting out the principles behind these Core Values. When you “get caught” modelling a value for your peers, you receive a signature from your teachers. Collect enough signatures, and you receive an invitation to join the club, wear a special non-uniform shirt, and participate in a Core Value Club celebration.

Check out our scholars as they celebrate their membership in a Core Value Club!



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Feeling the JOY at Theatreworks USA!


North Star Academy prepares students for success in and out of the classroom. We want students to have a voice, a presence, and to be self-confident on any stage – whether it is a classroom, boardroom, or the Broadway stage. To help our youngest scholars prepare for their end of the year performances, North Star Academy elementary schools are attending theater productions throughout NJ! This field trip provides scholars a chance to see a show and connect what they are learning in a classroom to what they are seeing on stage.

Don’t miss your opportunity to submit an application for the 2017-18 school year, and ensure that your child has a chance for a life-changing education.

For the Love of Reading


At our middle school campuses, we foster a love of reading that we hope will carry on with our students as they grow into adults. Our middle schoolers can check out books in their classroom library to read during independent reading time. Every month, students are recognized for the number of words that they read. Students who read a certain number of words during the month are recognized in community meeting and receive a personalized bookmark, a treat at lunch and a t-shirt. For students who REALLY love to read and read over 1 million words during the school year, they are “crowned” during the community meeting.

Christie reaffirms commitment to charter schools during Newark visit

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NEWARK — When Gov. Chris Christie traveled to the state’s largest city two weeks ago, it was to help celebrate the opening of a new elementary campus in the Newark Public Schools system.

On Monday, he returned to Newark — this time to reaffirm his commitment to charter schools, which are often at odds with the local school district.

Gov Chris Christie North Star Academy

Gov. Chris Christie takes questions from students at North Star Academy Alexander Street Elementary School in Newark, N.J., Monday. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

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Myth of the Hero Teacher? What the New York Times Gets Wrong About Schools Overcoming Poverty

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The Myth of the Hero Teacher” is the New York Times’s most recent, melancholic meditation on the education profession. A review of Ed Boland’s new memoir, the piece considers the failure of a new teacher at an urban, low-income school.

Stephen Chiger, the director of literacy (5-12) for Uncommon Schools, writes press hasn’t devoted resources to covering educators who — tired of the lone wolf Stand and Deliver mythology — decided to build something different, and to do it together.

Tired of the lone wolf Stand and Deliver mythology, educators have decided to build something different, and to do it together.

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Congressman and Councilwoman Pay Visit to Newark Middle School

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Newark Central Ward Councilwoman Gayle Chaneyfield Jenkins and U.S. Rep. Donald Payne Jr. visited North Star Academy Central Avenue campus Friday to talk to students about leadership.

U.S. Rep. Donald Payne

U.S. Rep. Donald Payne Jr. helps a North Star Academy student with a bowtie, the congressman’s signature neckwear.

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