Fairmount Elementary Black History Month Performance

Every February, Fairmount celebrates Black History Month with an evening performance. This requires hours of preparation from our Performing Arts teachers.

Our scholars learn about historical black figures such as Madame C.J. Walker, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Newark’s very own Three Doctors – all while singing and dancing! We believe in well-rounded scholars who are not only brilliant in math and literacy, but can express themselves in any way they choose. Our performing arts program allows our scholars to learn how to express emotions, how to stand confidently in front of hundreds, and how to improvise and be creative. They’re not only adept at expressing themselves with pen and paper – but they’re able to release their thoughts and express their emotions in an artistic and productive manner.

For our evening performance last Wednesday – they shone brilliantly! Through song, they learned how to tell a story. Through the performance, they learned how to stand in front of a 300+ person audience. We know at North Star that preparing our scholars to be on stage is also preparing them for their future: to give a presentation in the boardroom, to speak at the podium in front of thousands, to be ready for an interview, and ultimately to be in front of any type of audience they choose.

We believe in choice – and we believe all families deserve to choose a high quality education!


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